Friday, November 30, 2012


I have decided to use this free space to post regular updates on the progress on my project.  These updates may not happen daily, but  I will make every effort to make it happen.  The size of each edition and its subsequent photos will depend on the amount of cards received that day.  With that said, I bring you the November 30, 2012 #ASTROPROJECT update. For a look at my needs for this project click HERE.

Todays update is 38 cards from various years.  The majority are from 2006-2011.  They are the product of a #twittertrade with  @cjcub4life  who lives up the road a piece.  With this trade it brings my total of Houston Astros cards to 1,547 and my completion percentage to 2.66%.  The top card in this Astro fans humble opinion is the 1982 N.L. ERA Leaders card.  After all, Nolan is hands down my all time favorite pitcher.  He also makes up a big part of my PC.

The rest of the photos will come in nine card blocks.  Scanning individual cards can be a real pain for most of us.  I hope it wont be an inconvenience. Here are the rest of today's update.

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