Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...."

Actually, it was a long time ago. However, the galaxy was not so far away.  In 1962 the powers that be decided that Houston, Texas was ready for a chance to make a name for themselves in the world of Major League Baseball.  It took three years for this new team to find its identity.  The original name of the team was the Houston Colt 45's.  When the organizational reigns were handed to Houston Judge Roy Hofheinz in 1965, they moved into the "Eighth Wonder of the World" known as the Houston Astrodome. This begins the storied life of the Houston Astros.

With the basic history lesson out of the way, let me continue with a mission statement of what this blog will cover.  Over the next millennium my goal will be to write about my "Astro Project".  The "Astro Project" is my attempt to collect as many Houston Astros baseball cards that I can get my hands on.  I am aware that this goal is one that cannot be considered 100% achievable.  I ask that you let me have my fun, and that you enjoy my musings on the subject.

As a baseball card collector I have more than just an interest in Astro cards. I also collect Sets and cards of players I have always  enjoyed watching play the game.  Many of you refer to this as a PC (personal collection).  I hope to entertain each of you with posts about my collection and my thoughts on the hobby of collecting cardboard.


  1. Hi Charles, I'm a set and player collector too (not to mention a football team as well). I think my tradeables boxes have a great number of Astros in them. I think we can work out a major trade. I've traded with the Night Owl a few times if you need a reference. I'm a Fisk collector as well (among about 50 other players), so I'll also see if I have any duplicate oddballs.
    Email me at

  2. Thanks for reading. Yes Night Owl seems to be the main traffic driver in my infancy of blogging. I see that there are now more than one Fisk collectors. I will drop you an email shortly to get something going.