Sunday, December 23, 2012

Completed Team Sets Part 1

Each trade package I receive in the mail brings one or more Astros team sets closer to completion.   In this collectors personal opinion it is more rewarding than  pulling that elusive 1/1.  It allows me to travel back in time to days gone by.  For most collectors nostalgia is part of what makes the hobby enjoyable.  

This post brings you a few team sets completed this week thanks to the generosity of a few traders I have befriended on Twitter.  This post is dedicated @CardJunk, and @Highlightreel31.  Their help with my #ASTROPROJECT is greatly appreciated! So with their help I present to you seven  team sets completed in the last week.  Enjoy their beauty.

                           1985 Topps                                                                1986 Topps

                        1987 Topps                                                                 1988 Donruss Baseballs Best
                      1988 Score                                                                                   1988 Topps

1989 Bowman